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Maintenance-free Aluminum Pool Fences Maintenance-free Aluminum Pool Fences Maintenance-free Aluminum Pool Fences Maintenance-free Aluminum Pool Fences Maintenance-free Aluminum Pool Fences
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"Just wanted you to know we are LOVING our fence we purchased from you last summer. It is BEAUTIFUL around our pool and backyard. Thank you sooo much for working with us and helping us pick the "right" fence for us. Blessings to you and yours! "

Bill and Cheryl Davis
Springfield, IL

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Custom Fences

Custom Fences | Aluminum Fences Made-to-order!

Non-conforming conditions are common to fencing, so we offer you real solutions rather than aluminum fence panels and gates in the usual pre-determined heights and widths. Why pay more and end up with something less than what you need? Below are common examples of what we can do. If you don't see a solution here, contact us and our skilled professionals will go to work to find a No-problem aluminum fence solution for you!

Custom Fences | Aluminum Fence Panel Width

The standard width for all aluminum fence panels is 6', regardless of grade. The maximum width is 7' for residential grades and 8' for commercial grades. An aluminum fence panel can be ordered in any width from 4' wide to the maximum width in one-foot increments. There is no upcharge for the customization itself and the price of each panel will be calculated based on a price-per-foot formula.

Example: If a 6' wide panel sells for $66, a 4' wide panel would be $44, a seven foot wide panel would be $77, and so on.

Custom Fences | Aluminum Gate Width

The standard width for all aluminum gates is 4' for single (one-leaf) gates and 10' for double (two-leaf) gates. Each aluminum fence grade has a width maximum to maintain structural integrity. For all residential grade gates, the width maximum is 6' per leaf. For our commercial Premier Collection™ aluminum gates, the width maximum is 8' per leaf. Commercial Ultimate Collection™ gates have a 14' per leaf maximum. A custom aluminum gate can be ordered in any width, including inch fractions, up to the maximum size available. There is no upcharge for the customization itself, but all prices will be rounded up to the next size standard price increment.

Example: A single gate ordered to be 56 3/4'' wide will priced as if it were a 5'-wide gate.

Custom Fences | Aluminum Panel or Gate Height

An aluminum fence panel or a gate may be ordered taller, or shorter, as needed. "Height" is defined as the distance between the top of the top horizontal rail (or the peak of a vertical picket on spear top fences) to the bottom of the pickets. Each grade has height maximums which can be exceeded only when additional horizontal rails are added for structural integrity (additional horizontal rails are another possible customization). Custom fence heights can be ordered in any size increment, including inch fractions, up to the maximum size available. There is no upcharge for the customization itself, but all prices will be rounded up to the next standard price increment.

Example: A double gate ordered with a height of 46 1/4'' will priced as if it were a 4'-high gate.

Custom Fences | Transitional Heights

An aluminum fence panel or gate can be constructed with one side taller than the other - not with a curved rail but with a straight rail that is angled. For example, if a custom fence project involved a 4' high fence that needed to become 5' high at a certain point, a transitional panel can be made that is 4' high on one side and 5' high on the other. Or, as in the picture at left, a series of transitional panels can be used to create an arched effect. All transitional height panels or gates must be price quoted.

Custom Fences | Aluminum Welded Fence Panels

While all Integrity™ aluminum gates are automatically welded, aluminum fence or hand railing panels can be custom welded when the need arises. Though welding can certainly strengthen an aluminum fence panel, it is not necessary and should be reserved for circumstances that require it. Keep in mind that welding not only adds to the cost of a panel, it "locks" it, making rackability impossible! All custom welding is unique and requires a quote.

Custom Fences | Aluminum Gate Welded in a Racked Position for Installation on a Hill

While all Integrity™ aluminum gates are automatically welded for strength and durability, they also can be custom welded when the need arises. For best use and performance of all gates, choose the most level area of your fence run to place your gate. Unlike aluminum fence panels, which can rack (adjust) for installation on slopes, aluminum gates cannot because they are welded in a fixed configuration. Our custom fence solution to the problem of a gate that cannot be installed on level ground is a gate welded in a racked position, adjusted for your unique grade slope. Simply provide us the accurate rise-over-run measurements and we'll build it to specs! Here again, with Integrity™, no problems - only solutions! All custom fence welding is unique and requires a quote.

Custom Fences | Additional Horizontal Rails

Extra horizontal rails can be added to any aluminum panel or gate for either function or aesthetic design requirements. Most often, an extra rail is added for the structural integrity of taller fences. Extra rails are not always a "custom fence design". When an extra rail is added for puppy pickets, for instance, it is not considered "custom" because in this case, the extra rail is an automatic attribute of the puppy picket option. We have recommended positions for extra rails, but for custom fence designs they can placed virtually anywhere on the panel or gate. Just keep in mind that most often, aluminum fence panels with customized rail positions have to be installed with blank posts and rail mounting brackets because posts cannot always be punched to correspond to a customized horizontal rail position. Additional rails add to the price of a fence panel or gate based on the grade and the width of the fence panel or gate. Incidentally, additional rails can also be ordered for our Encore!™ aluminum hand railing. Ask for a quote.

Custom Fences | Length of Aluminum Posts

For most Integrity™ aluminum fence panels, corresponding posts come in various lengths depending on the height of the fence. Often a much longer post may be needed. An example of this may be a post needed for a taller, customized panel, as shown in pictures above. Since aluminum fence panels and posts are purchased separately, a corresponding customized post may be necessary. When longer posts are punched, the punches on these longer posts maintain their position in relation to the top of the post. In some cases, the punches themselves can be customized but generally, the use of rail mounting brackets is recommended instead. Longer posts are priced according to their size and wall thickness when ordered with standard punches. Customized punches have added fees. Ask for a quote.

Custom Fences | Post Flanges Welded Offset

Posts ordered with welded flanges are welded on to the flange plates directly on center. Imagine, though, that you are installing posts up against a structure using flanges and you want the post to "hug the wall". In this case, welding the post off to one side of the flange better enables you to accomplish this method of installation. There is no extra charge for this customization but remember, if not specified "offset" at the time of order, all posts with welded flanges will be welded directly on center!

Custom Fences | Protruding Aluminum Fence Pickets to Fill in the Gaps

The use of protruding pickets most often occurs when an aluminum fence needs to "hop" over an obstruction without increasing the gap between the grade and the vertical pickets. A common reason for this is the need to comply with pool codes that mandate a gap maximum so that small children cannot "slip" under the fence. Aside from pool fence codes, protruding pickets may be needed to prevent dogs from slipping out of a fenced-in area when there are unavoidable gaps between the grade and the bottom of the fence. In most cases, longer pickets are added to an order to be later cut-to-fit and installed on to a fence panel on site by first removing the standard pickets. In the case of gates (which are welded), protruding pickets must be factory-installed. Ask for a quote.

Custom Fences | Staggered-height Spear Top Aluminum Fences

Many Integrity™ aluminum fence styles are spear top designs, which means their pickets protrude above the top horizontal rail and peak in a pressed point, a Fleur de Lis finial, or an Excelsior™ finial. The peaks of the vertical pickets are even on all of these styles except the Bella Terra™. However, all of these fence styles can have alternating height pickets to create a staggered spear top just like our Bella Terra™ style, which is staggered in its standard design, without the need of customization.

Custom Fences | Placement of Aluminum Circles (a.k.a. "Rings")

Circles, as a feature, are installed at the top of a fence panel or gate. This standard location can be customized by placing circles at the bottom of a fence in addition to or in lieu of placing them at the top. This is most often done to "dress up" gates, especially Regal Estate™ Aluminum Driveway gates. Just remember that circles must be factory-installed between two horizontal rails, so if they are being added to the bottom of a fence panel or gate, an additional horizontal rail will also be required for which there will be an increase in price. Ask for a quote.

Custom Fences | Aluminum Fence Grade Stepping

"Stepping" is a method of installation when "racking" or transitional height aluminum fence panels are not desired. With this method, the panels on each side of the post are staggered or "stepped," meaning they are attached at different points on the post causing one panel to be positioned lower than the other. The most common use of the "stepping" method occurs when there is a sudden change of grade, such as when a fence line intersects a retaining wall. In this case, the stepping customization may involve taller posts, taller panels, additional rails, or all of the above. If stepping (in lieu of racking) is being used for installation on a slope, a possible customization may be line posts with staggered-height punches. In these cases, however, we recommend using a combination of rail mounting brackets and blank or end posts. Additionally, something to consider is that unlike rackable panels which cause the fence to follow the grade slope, "stepping" creates triangular gaps between the grade and the bottom of the fence next to the posts because the fence panels remain level and deviate from, rather than follow, the grade slope. These gaps are merely an aesthetic consideration unless a swimming pool is being enclosed, in which case the gaps of the stepping method are not likely to comply with pool safety codes because of the possibility that a small child could slip under the fence. Dogs or other animals may slip through these wider gaps as well. If you want to "step" your fence, we are happy to assist you in buying exactly the right material for your project! Ask for a quote.

Custom Fences | Integrity™ Colors

There are nine standard Integrity™ colors: black, matte black, bronze, matte bronze, white, matte white, matte sandstone, beige, and forest green. Custom colors are available but must be specially quoted. Also keep in mind that custom fence colors will typically lengthen the lead time of your order!

Custom Fences | Your Idea Quoted

The above list of possible aluminum fence customizations represents the most commonly chosen custom fence options. But this list is by no means exhaustive! If you have an idea for customization, we want to quote it! Or, if you have a non-conforming site condition that cannot be helped with the above customization ideas, call us for a free consultation. Our trained professionals are aluminum fence experts who are eager to put their energy into the success of your project!

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